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Message from CEO

ROE has already founded for 20 years since 1995, in the past 20 years, we face different pressure and challenges everyday. Fortunately, it’s good that our every member can face these issues with positive attitude. And also because of these pressure and challenges, ROE has great result no matter in the raise of technology, the enhance of management, multi-development of talents. With these nutrients, different talents could contribute their small advantages, and the advantages accumulate to be a big advantage which is not easy to be copied.

It’s the year of key development for ROE in 2015, the revenue has a slight growth since 2013 and became the smartphone supply chain from the third quarter. Lay the cornerstone of the success.

It’s the year of sustainable for ROE in 2015. We published our first corporate social responsibility report since 2014, after that we continue to release it every year. Besides follow the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and ISO standard, we refer Sustainable Development Goals and expand the number of internal adjustment. We expect to progress steadily toward CSR and create value for stakeholders and the public.

ROE can be from nobody to no.1 in Taiwan in the first 10 years, and to be from Taiwan NO.1 to World No.1. In the future, community requirements will be increased for us. Hope ROE can use this successful experiences to create another peak.

CEO Pen-Jan, Wang