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LHR System

    As one of the supplier of Electronic Industry, We, ROE (Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation), uphold the principle of good faith, strictly follow the RBA(Responsible Business Alliance), and the related local laws and rules. We believe that the only way to make us stably growing up and sustainable developing is to fulfill our CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) and to build up a Corporation-Community-Employee trilateral harmonious working environment. About the “Labor and Ethic” of the CSR, we commit that:

  • Strictly comply with the related local laws, and support the related international labor and human right regulations by actions.
  • Do not force working, and respect the freedom of employment.
  • Do not hire the child labor, and check on strictly in order to protect the children.
  • Do not discriminate or abuse, and equally respect and humanely treat everyone.
  • Do not take corruption, and manage our business honestly and integrity.
  • Do not purchase the conflict minerals, and seriously value the supplier compliance.

    We uphold the spirits of “people-oriented, social caring, continuous improving, beyond self”, and refer to the GLOBAL COMPACT, UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL LABOR OFFICE TRIPARTITE DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES, GUIDELINES FOR MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES, RBA, and related local laws and regulations, we establish the ROE Labor & Ethic policy

  • Honesty and Integrity: refuse the improper advantage, strictly keep the customer and business secrets.
  • Public and Transparency: open channels of communication, disclosure the company’s information honestly.
  • Friendly career environment: highly think about the profit of the employee, and build up a harmonious relation between employee and employer.
  • Equally Respect: ensure the basic human right, equally treat all the employee.
  • In addition to the above mentioned polities, we have laid down the administration regulations to execute the commitment of LHR, the “Announcement of Humane Treatment and Ethical Behavior” and ” Regulation of Workplace Violence Prevention” included. Also, hiring child labor is prohibited by the “Administration Regulation of Recruitment”.

    To create the friendly workplace, prevent workplace violence and ensure employees’ physical and mental health. We implement the policy of the workplace violence prevention to carry out the hazard identification and risk assessment and arrange education and training in the third quarter of year since 2015. Through these actions, we hope to build a company culture which based on mutual respect, safety, dignity, non-discrimination, tolerance, and equality. The implementing report is published every December.

    We have four stages ,Training-Evaluation-Strategy-Outcome to execute Workplace Violence Prevention.Please refer to the figure below (All employees are trained):