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Management Philosophy and Vision

Radiant has been consistently investing in equipments in recent years to move in line with customers’ expanding their production capacities. In order to provide customers with value-added services, the company is promoting the factory resident service system, and strengthening after-sales and technical backup services to meet customer demands, enhance mutual relationship, control the market trend effectively, cooperate to increase production capacity and to expand the operation scale. Besides the production line of backlight module assembly, it has also established a complete molding and forming plant in order to master various key technologies and has successfully entered into the production of LGP key components to increase its profit margins.

Management Philosophy

  • Cultivate professional sales personnel to improve their marketing capabilities, win more bulk orders from large international companies and become their long-term strategic partner.
  • Enhance proximity customer service and local procurement, and vertical integration with downstream customers to attain globular layout goal and become a world-class leading manufacturer.

Business Policies

  • Refine and upgrade technology, pursue excellence and leadership, and create new achievements.
  • Rotate with the core flywheel, continue to develop upward, and sustain another wave of growth.
  • Enter the market niche growth industries to clarify the future development.
  • Make high value use of each resource, and fully operate the lean management.
  • Implement agility feedback system to grasp opportunities with high-efficiency management techniques.
  • Break through the bottlenecks in operation, management, and production, and enable high productivity of the organization.
  • Construct the intelligent manufacturing factory, integrate the production information transparency, and give full play to the effect of digital transformation.