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Welfare System

    According to Labor Standards Act, Radiant offers better:

  • Profit Bonus: Annual Bonus based on Company’s and Employee’s Performance.
  • Bonus: Annual Bonus、Three Traditional Chinese Festivals、Labor’s Day.
  • Training Programs: Trainee、Professional Skills、Safety Training.
  • Various Insurance Policies.
  • Entertainments: Domestic Trips、Department Party、Club Activities.
  • Institute Policy: Staff Uniform、Meal Supply、Incentives for Proposals.
  • Facilities: Cafeteria、Nursery Room、Rice Cookers、Break Room、Fitness Rooms、Pool Table、Tennis Table、Staff multifunctional rest room.
  • Leave of Absence: Annual Leave、Paternity Leave、Period Leave.
  • Subsidy: Wedding Allowance、Maternity Pension、Birthday Allowance、Travel Grant、Club Grant、Hospitalization Allowance.
  • Affiliated Stores.
  • Retirement Program

    ROE conforms to the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act planning the retirement system. Also, ROE follows the Table of Monthly Contribution Wage Classification and the monthly rates of labor pension which announced by the government to contribute the labor pension to individual account of each labor.