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Quality Policy

1. Noticing Source:

  1. Grasp new model design and pilot-run management; Structure a mode that makes the MP smoothly and create value.
  2. A. Implement design verification and prevent action for new product; Make a consensus with customer and supplier, and then achieve the MP goal.

    B. Supplier and material strictly comply with the pilot-run process decision; Identify and solve problem in advance by trend management.

2. Concerning Process

  1. Utilize the system and platform data analysis to realize the deviations correction in time; achieve stable production, improve quality and contribute per capita value.
  2. A. Feedback during the implementation process, face the problems, be responsible for the indicator, and create an environment for the organization to jointly solve the bottleneck management mode.

    B. Tracking the material, operator and production line, the responsibility is to everyone, the front line is responsible for the back line, the root cause deviation analysis is found by the inspection data, and the improvement is made one by one to prevent recurrence and make progress.

3. Pursuing Outstanding

  1. Continuously cultivate and consolidate the core flywheel, and prepare to transform into new businesses to expand and develop diversified markets.
  2. A. Integrate multiple advantages to create core value, and develop diversified products to become the best choice for customers.

    B. Change inertial thinking, continuously break through and innovate, and create an enterprise culture of dedication, responsibility and courage to challenge.