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Quality Policy

1. From the beginning:

  1. Focus on the key parameter verification at NPI management stage to reduce the risks at mass production stage.
  2. A. Control and Monitor the metrics of each stage, optimize the reliability evaluation. Possess discreet attitude to verify reliability and explore potential issues.

    B. Fully prepared before trial run (4M1E) to meet the trial run target. Values can only be created when issues are solved at NPI stage.

2. Through the processes

  1. Lean and prompt management to stabilize and optimize the production quality.
  2. A. From module design, material management, staff training, auxiliary tools, etc., each department is responsible to its own task and cowork promptly for stabilizing production.

    B. Apply proper control methods to promptly respond to abnormality. Analyze the abnormality at the scene to timely respond to quality improvement. Meanwhile, utilize the system platform database to prevent from issue recur.

3. To the excellence

  1. Carry out source management, deeply involve in core market and get prepared to new businesses.
  2. A. Innovate and improve the processes and system, change the parameters, speed up the feedback system to reach the goal of high quality and lower costs.

    B. Change the accustomed concept and ways of doing things, build the business culture of contribution and dedication and push to the limit.