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CEO Principle

Professional Backlight Module Plant , global arrangement

ROE, the first professional LGP (light guide panel) & backlight modules R&D and manufacturer, was founded in July,1995 and located in the harbor area of the humanities aggregation city-Kaohsiung. With the growing up of business, ROE extended the Wujiang, Nanjing and Guangzhou sites in 2002, 2003 and 2007 in China. The WJ site is the biggest manufacture base of ROE group. By the cluster mode of the supply chain, we provide more instantaneity product service.

The business core of ROE is different with other companies, cover the optics design, mold development, LGP and LCM assembly. By the “one-stop service”, ROE set the optics design into the product in the development phase, even work with our customers to develop new product to fulfill the need of our customers.

The successful strategy lead ROE obtained profit in the consecutive 15 years since 2001, from 2011-2013 the Earning per Share more than 10 dollars every year.

As the smart phone become the mainstream product in the market, ROE started middle and small size backlight mold since 2014, and become one of the American popular smart phone supply chain, opened another growing way. So far the products of ROE have already disseminated to the supply chain of the popular products of NB, Pad, smart-phone, etc. and the customers are include the international famous companies from the America, Korea, Japan, and the revenue is getting successful profit.

ROE value the internal management, since 1998, obtained the ISO 9001, 1401, 14064 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. In 2012, ROE pass the verification of Kaohsiung Custom Administration to be the first AEO certificated company in Kaohsiung export processing zone.

ROE also value the development and training of the talents, consecutive 2 years awarded of the“ Certificate of Manpower Training” by the export processing zone of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Awarded of silver medal for the first time TTQS (Taiwan Training Quality System) application, and golden medal in the second time application, and also awarded of the National HRD Innovation Prize.

In the past 20 years, even the challenge from the industry and the change of the world are never stop, ROE keep the base of leading core technology and the fast & flex adaption to get fantastic grades and the external affirmation.

We except ROE can base on the experience of these success to open the next 20 years’ apex.

Future Development Strategies

  1. Cultivate professional sales personnel to improve their marketing capabilities, and win more bulk orders from large international companies and become their long-term strategic partner.
  2. Enhance proximity customer service and local procurement, and vertical integration with downstream customers to attain globular layout goal and become a world-class leading manufacturer.
  3. Establish vertical integration strategy with upstream component suppliers to control steady supplies of key components and costs, and to maintain gross margins.
  4. Integrate the Group information and management platform, and establish an independent and interrelated resource management system to achieve maximum organizational efficiency.

To our Employee

ROE has already founded for 20 years, in the past 20 years, everything should already be remembered by our members, because we face different pressure and challenges everyday.

And it’s good that our every members can face these issues with positive attitude. And also because of these pressure and challenges, ROE has great result no matter in the raise of technology, the enhance of management, multi-development of talents. With these nutrient, different talents could contribute their small advantages, and the advantages accumulate to be a big advantage which is not easy to be copied.

I sincerely appreciate our members and their families, because of your devotion and understanding, ROE can be from nobody to NO.1 in Taiwan in the first 10 years, and to be from Taiwan NO.1 to World No.1. This is really not a easy mission, I really thanks all of you, thanks all of your effort.