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  • Department Job Responsibility
  • Audit Committee 。Evaluate fair representation of company financial statements.
    。Evaluate the selection (dismissal), independence, and performance of certified accountants.
    。Evaluate the effective implementation of the company's internal control.
  • Remuneration Committee 。Evaluate the remuneration policy of directors and managers.

  • Audit Office of the group 。Investigate and evaluate deficiencies in the internal control system and measure operational efficiency.
  • Ethical Management Team 。Assist in the integration of integrity and ethical values into the company's business strategy.
    。Plan the internal organization, structure, and responsibilities, and set up mutual supervision and balance mechanism for business activities with a high risk of dishonest behavior within the business scope.
  • Sustainable Development Committee 。Evaluate sustainable development policies, strategies or systems , promote and implement it.

  • Chairman's Office 。Develop the company's business principles.
    。Develop the company's long-term and annual business plans.
    。Confirm the company's important operating policies and business plans.
  • R & D Center of the group 。Responsible for the development of new products and new technologies.
    。Research, application, and preservation of related patent rights.
    。In charge of new model development, technology transfer, and other related tasks.
  • Business Center of the group 。Responsible for market research, business promotion, and after-sales service.

  • Administrative center of the group 。Execute and revise the company's annual plan and management by objectives.
    。Project costs and cost-benefit analysis.

  • Logistics & Manufacturing Center of the group 。Develop production quality plans, standard operating procedures and be responsible for material inspection.
    。Backlight module manufacturing and production quality control.
    。Procurement operations, production scheduling and inventory control.
    。Automatic devices development, assembly debugging verification, equipment maintenance.
  • Digital Product & Intelligent Manufacturing Center 。Responsible for the development of new products and new technologies of lighting.
    。The investigation, research, application, and protection of patents.
    。Win more new projects and orders from existing customers.
    。Responsible for matters related to new model development and technology transfer.