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  • Department Job Responsibility
  • Audit Committee 。To evaluate fair presentation of the financial reports of this Corporation.
    。To evaluate The hiring (and dismissal), independence, and performance of certificated public accountants of this Corporation.
    。To evaluate The effective implementation of the internal control system of this Corporation.
  • Remuneration Committee 。To evaluate the policies and systems for compensation of the directors and managerial officers.
  • Audit Office 。Missing system of investigation and assessment of internal controls and operational efficiency measure
  • Ethical Management Team 。Assisting in incorporating ethics and moral values into this Corporation's business strategy
    。Planning the internal organization, structure, and allocation of responsibilities and setting up check-and-balance mechanisms for mutual supervision of the business activities within the business scope which are possibly at a higher risk for unethical conduct
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Committee 。Formulate policies and implement promotion plans of corporate social responsibility

  • Chairman's Office 。Develop the company's operating principles
    。Develop the company long-term and annual operating plans
    。Important operating policies approved by the company's business plan
  • R & D Center 。Ponsible for new product development and the opening of new technologies
    。Conduct research related to patents, applications and security matters
    。Handles about new models development, technology transfer and other related matters
  • Business Center 。Responsible for market research, marketing and after-sales service market business
  • Administrative center 。Company's annual plan and manage the implementation of the revised target
    。Project costs and cost-benefit analysis of
  • Logistics & Manufacturing Center 。To develop quality plans and setting quality standards for the process
    。Materials required for production testing, periodic inspection tours production line
    。The light guide plate manufacturing and mold design development and manufacturing
    。Procurement operations
    。Production scheduling and inventory control
    。Automatic Device Development
    。Automated process design and analysis organization
    。Equipment maintenance and technology transfer
    。Equipment assembly debugging verification
  • Lighting Center 。 Lighting is responsible for new product development and new technologies.
    。 The application for patent research and preservation matters
    。 For more new cases and orders to existing customers
    。 Develop new customers