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Learning and Development

Training Policy

  • Constructing the professional development blueprint:
    Setting up the professional development blueprint as the foundation of learning & career development by competency inventorying.
  • Creating the learning atmosphere of internal organization:
    Through the E-Learning platform to do cross function and cross time & space learning, and with the concrete lessons to create the organization learning atmosphere.
  • Building up the high quality training system:
    With the TTQS certification, building up an internal high quality training system to enhance the workforce ability.
  • Multiple Learning Development Channels

    • On the Job Training
    • On the Job Training:
      -Professional Courses
      -Work Instructions
      -Project Assignment

    • Classroom Training
    • Classroom Training:
      -Classroom Lectures
      -Lecture Courses

    • 自主學習
    • Self-development:
      -Reading Club
      -Enterprise exterior trainings
      -In-Service training program

    • E-Learning
    • E-Learning:
      -Knowledge Forum
      -Professional Roadmap
      -Article Sharing Center

    Blameless Learning and Development System