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Radiant was founded in July 1995 and has a head office in Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone. It is Taiwan’s first professional R&D and manufacturer of backlight modules to focus in designing, manufacturing, assembling and marketing of backlight modules.
   Following the continuous expansion in the application of liquid crystal and the consistent development and innovation of new technologies, the backlight module industry has entered into an inter-regional competition from regional competition after more than 10 years of development. Preparing to meet more powerful and superior competitors in the future, Radiant is enhancing its global business layout and outstanding operating performances as the competition basis to survive, as well as to cultivate talented people for long-term crucial development.
Future Development Strategies
  1. Cultivate professional sales personnel to improve their marketing capabilities, and win more bulk orders from large international companies and become their long-term strategic partner.
  2. Enhance proximity customer service and local procurement, and vertical integration with downstream customers to attain globular layout goal and become a world-class leading manufacturer.
  3. Establish vertical integration strategy with upstream component suppliers to control steady supplies of key components and costs, and to maintain gross margins.
  4. Integrate the Group information and management platform, and establish an independent and interrelated resource management system to achieve maximum organizational efficiency.

  Radiant adheres to the belief of taking good care of its employees by setting up an industrial union to hold seminars, labor conferences and advocate the policies regularly, and it handles staff’s voices and counseling in a two-way communication manner.
  In additional to new staff comprehensive training, the company also emphasizes internal processing, regulations, full understanding of professional skills, company’s culture, environmental recognition and centripetal force to increase employee’s stability. It also arranges different training programs according to company’s growth and business plans such as 6 Sigma Green Belt Training, all level executive training, internal instructor training, and professional training courses to enable employees and company to grow together, to create good performances and to reach the same goal.